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Photos by Elzee photography

Recently Maya and Connor had a photo session at the excellent Elzee Photography, who specializes in photos of newborns and children.  We got a fantastic set of photos back, and it was totally worth it in every respect.  We are definitely planning to take them back there again for upcoming milestones!   I have uploaded the photos to my flickr account, available here (web versions) and here (print versions).




Some early baby photos

*very* early, when they were only a hundred or so cells in size. Of course, we have no idea which is Connor or Maya.



Welcoming Maya and Connor

On August 3rd at 9:30pm, after a long and arduous journey, our twins Connor (left) and Maya (right) were delivered at the Baptist hospital of Miami.

Connor and Maya together

The three weeks since then (and it only seems like this all happened a couple of days ago) have redefined how much sleep you really need to survive, although recently it’s pretty obvious I am ‘broken’ and find myself walking around in circles due to constantly switching between all the tasks I need to get done. Although we’re extremely exhausted, we’re also overjoyed and are so unbelievably happy. The fact that Maya and Connor are our children is slowly starting to sink in – for a while it felt like we were renting them. They are both very, very distinct in their movements, the sounds they make, the way they feed, and right now it’s hard to see how they could be brother and sister. However, Maya definitely has some of Adriana’s traits and Connor… well, his head size reflects mine that is for sure.

A flickr set of the initial photos from the hospital is up on Flickr here.

A flickr set from the in-house hospital photographer has also been uploaded here.

Maya and Connor at Baptist Hospital