Relocating Git repository to new URL

The best way I found to do this was by running these two commands:

git clone --mirror old-remote-url-ending-in-dot-git

then move into the directory (ending in .git) that would be created, and run this command:

git push --mirror new-remote-url-ending-in-dot-git

All existing branches and tags would get pushed at one fell swoop.

Fixing Virtualbox network configuration issues due to Vagrant public/private networking changes

A few times I’ve switched from the default private networking (NAT with port forwarding) to public networking (bridged) in the Vagrantfile.  When switching *back* to private networking, I wasn’t able to SSH back into the machine (i.e, “vagrant up” will time out).

Assuming you’re using a Linux Mint guest (or other Debian-based) OS, a fix for this is to open the /etc/network/interfaces file and remove anything in between the #VAGRANT BEGIN and #VAGRANT END section.  Next, run vagrant reload from the host OS to reload the guest with the updated network interface configuration.



… after which it moves to an undisclosed location.

A quick photo update

Here are some photos that Adriana took recently, first of me playing with Connor, and then the aftermath:



And then one containing the many faces of Maya: serious, spooked, happy, chipmunk, goofy, and pissed-off.